About the company

OBEH — kits for embroidery wholesale and retail.


Want to be creative and to create original embroidery? The products of the company "OBEH" will provide the needle material required for a comfortable and exciting work.

The company?

Firm "OBEH" started in 2000, selling various goods for needlework. Since 2002 its main activity is the production and sale of embroidery kits "Stylish things for the home". In 2018, the company has expanded the range of products by starting the production of new sets for creativity on the plastic and a water-soluble canvas.

Today "OBEH" is a leader in its niche, it is constantly evolving. In the online store of the company is available ordering of art supplies wholesale and retail. The firm provides customers with convenient payment methods and guarantees strict quality control.

Experts monitor the latest trends in the field of embroidery and try to provide customers with diverse and modern products in line with quality standards.

A few words about the product

The company "OBEH" cares about the diversity of the range in accordance with the needs of its customers. The firm offers a large selection of products for creativity, including:

  • embroidery kits "Stylish things for the home";
  • canvas for cross stitch Zweigart ;
  • cotton thread floss;
  • machines for embroidery Hoop;
  • embroidery on wooden base;
  • applied embroidery on water soluble canvas;

Before the idea become reality, and will go into production, it is carefully researched and checked by experts. Designers thoroughly think through the stories, try to add originality in sets and make them intuitive for needlework.

A company with a lot of love creates embroidery kits, adding to each of them everything necessary for fruitful work. Each set includes:

  • color-character scheme;
  • high quality canvas for embroidery;
  • set cotton floss;
  • a special needle;

The main advantages of the company

Products of the company "OBEH" the years of high demand due to the combination of 3 factors:

  • manufacturer with its own technology and a focus on the quality of the product;
  • a wide range of subjects and careful study of the diagrams;
  • attractive prices and individual approach to each client.

Clients are guaranteed a pleasant shopping experience. The result of the embroidery will exceed Your expectations. In the production of sets involving qualified specialists with a deep knowledge and experience in the field of embroidery. Employees of the company conscientiously perform their assigned duties, to preserve the credibility of the company. The company's activity is transparent, and its mission is to promote Handicrafts among the keen creativity of people.

Customers of the online store available with a constantly updated range of embroidery kits and various accessories for creativity. Huge selection and variety of products allows beginners, Amateurs and professionals of the craft to develop their skills and find work like.

The products of the company "OBEH" is available in all regions of the country. The ordered goods are delivered by road transport companies or mail in the form of packages.

What inspires us?

The best motivation and inspiration for employees is the numerous reviews of satisfied customers and monitoring the results of their creativity. Experts are always glad to communicate with each of the buyers in social networks and to offer assistance in the selection of suitable product. The company "OBEH" is always trying to quickly and clearly answer all the questions.

Rave reviews from customers motivate the firm to work productively and contribute to its prosperity. By sending a photo of their work, needlewoman inspire designers to create more interesting and original stories.

We guarantee that the embroidery will exceed Your expectations.

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